Welcome to The Wall For Wishes…

In 1953, William Wyler created a beautiful, gentle film about love set in Rome, starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. The film was called ‘Roman Holiday’ and during the course of a romantic day in Rome introduced the concept of ‘The Wall for Wishes’.

The idea behind the Wall for Wishes was simple; to provide a place where people might make a wish in the hope that the universe would listen. And if their wish came true, they could return to the wall later to say thank you – giving others hope that their wish might also come true one day. A Vespa scooter - as ridden by Jackie Moreton!

Sadly, Rome’s original Wall for Wishes no longer remains in the form that it was featured in ‘Roman Holiday’.

Here, the virtual Wall for Wishes hopes to recreate all that this wonderful wall once stood for. A place to believe in the possible. A place to make a wish for ourselves and others. And a place accessible to all those around the world who want to visit it…

Lets see if we can make the wishes of the world come true together!

Jackie x